Climbing Wall


By using our 8-meter-high climbing wall, you can test your dexterity and courage under safe conditions.

Staff of the Feketeszakall Adventure Park has built an 8 meters high climbing wall to have you get acquainted with the world of climbing sports safely. Given its nature it is similar to the mountain climbing, but thanks for its artificially constructed environment it is safer than that. However, during designing emphasis has been put on the difficulty that the climbers will have to cope with to be similar to the difficulty of mountain climbing. It is an exciting, interesting sport that becomes more and more popular nowadays.

Our climbing wall can be used by two people simultaneously, there is no weight limit.

How does climbing look like in practice?

The climbing person is given a so-called climbing harness, which is secured by spring-hook binding. The climbing rope goes through the spring-hook situated at the top of the climbing wall, one of its end is fixed on the climber, the other end is on the securing person. This way the securing person, who explains basic climbing techniques, using of the equipment, security notes before the start of climbing, is able to hold several times of his/her own weight.

Can YOU climb up? Come and test yourself, bring your courage; equipment and safety are provided by us! If you would like to try the climbing wall, come in comfortable, closed, flat shoes, or bring such with you!