Obstacle track

The most important safety regulations of the obstacle track:

1. The safety equipments have to be used by everyone!
2. A single rest place may be occupied by 2 people at most!
3. An obstacle (between two rest places) may be occupied by one person at most!

4. Starting off on an obstacle is allowed only if the previous person has finished the task!
5. The use of the obstacle tracks is limited by body height.

  • Up to 130 cm of height: only the lowest, so-called „kid” obstacle track may be used.
  • Between 130-160 cm of height: the kid and the junior obstacle tracks may be used as well.
  • Above 160 cm of height: the adult obstacle track may be used that is situated on the highest level.

Staff of the Feketeszakall Adventure Park constructed 85 various obstacles for those who search for entertaining, interesting, dexterity- or fitness-related tasks. In the course of designing the obstacles it was an important aspect that from the beginner to the advanced – let the person be a child or an adult – everybody has to be able to find the tasks suited for his/her fitness level and courage.

You need not worry about somebody falls down during the overcoming of the obstacles. Thanks for the specially trained personnel of the adventure park, the special safety equipment and the safe design, the guests can feel themselves in safety.

The construction of the obstacle track took place by means of wire ropes stretched between arch trees, where you can face the dexterity challenges at three different heights (levels).

The obstacle races are increasingly difficult. When to stop or what to take on depends on the person’s own decision. During the accomplishment of obstacles it is allowed to go back down at any time – if somebody begins a track, it does not mean that he/she may not quit before completion. Every track is divided to sections, there is a restplace at the end of each section, where the finishing is also allowed and ensured.

Before the accomplishment of the obstacle track the personnel of the adventure park give instructions about how to use the safety equipment and what the rules and safety-related informations are.