Nyitva tartás: minden nap 8-20 óráig


At Blackbeard Experience Park, everything is made locally from premium, high-quality ingredients, often sourced from local small-scale producers. 

Selected Hungarian wines, award-winning homemade hamburgers, Italian coffee specialities, artisanal ice cream, delicious fresh baked goods, classic beach dishes... these are just a few of the delicacies on offer. And for the more gourmets, our weekend offer includes Hungarian and international cuisine.

The quality is guaranteed by the renowned experts and chefs of the Hungarian gastronomic world, who change from year to year and who are present as mentors. It's important to us that dining out is not just a routine, but a real feast; an experience worth returning for.

Catering facilities in the area:

Food Bar

Grill Terrace

Artisan ice-cream parlour

TAT Bistro