Feketeszakall (Blackbeard) Adventure Park introduces itself

In the most beautiful part of Tiszalok, Feketeszakall Adventure Park is waiting for its visitors, offering outdoor relaxation and active holiday. The Adventure Park is situated in the resort area of Tiszalok, in the neighborhood of the beach of Tiszalok. It offers activities for all ages: it is an ideal place for trips, team-building trainings, sports days, corporate or family events.

Free beach is also part of the Adventure Park

The 300 meters long sandy coast is also part of the Adventure Park, where the safe beach assigned for bathing awaits for its guests. Either „for the area of the beach only” or „combined” admission cards (tickets) can be bought into the complex. With the latter, pleasure-seekers can enlist the tools of the Adventure Park.

Parts of the Adventure Park

Among other things, parts of the Adventure Park are the three-story obstacle track consisting of about 80 elements, the wire-rope skid-track, the realistic pirate ship with more than 200 square meters of ground-space, and the underground pipe labyrinth what is 120 meters long. For the youngest, the pocket-playground formed inside the adventure ship provides the opportunity of pure pleasance.

We have also thought for the lovers of ball games: available for our guests are the football pitch, beach volleyball court, and tennis court, too. These pitches and courts can be rented together or separately.

Nothing could be more natural that we have also thought for the unclouded relaxation of our disabled visitors. The lowest level of the obstacle track can be used by disabled people. Moreover, running in the course of the whole season, the Zsolt Togyer Memorial Cup has been organized for them.

Also, for sportsmen and sportswomen, our social facilities provide the possibilities of dressing and bathing.

In our buffet operating in the area of the Adventure Park we are waiting for our preyful guests with traditional beach cuisine and real delicacies with family-friendly prices.

Our event tent, being more than 300 square meters large and in a fantastic environment, can provide unique place for concerts, balls, weddings, family and company events. We can even undertake the organization of these.

The adventure park games


Obstacle track

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Adventure Tunnel

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Climbing Wall

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Adventure Ship

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Giant Swing

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Water zorb


Beach volleyball


Food Bar